SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home Tapes up at Wembley! SpeedwayFiction A FIRST HAND REPORT OF The First Test Match of 1933 STARTING TAPES ARE USED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WEMBLEY INTERNATIONAL The captains shake hands before the start: Left, Vic Huxley (Australia) and right, Harold Stevenson (England) The tapes are released and four machines roar away. This was the first time starting tapes had been used in an international match and they proved a big successs Our report comes from the Motor Cycle magazine of July 6, 1933. The Test match took place on Thursday June 29 and was accompanied by live wireless commentary on the BBC London station by H.W. Rawnsley-Gurd Harold Walter Rawnsley-Gurd who provided the live commentary from the Empire Stadium for the BBC’s London station