Week Ending February 1

TWICE WORLD CHAMPION Ronnie Moore remained on the danger list six days after a track crash at Newcastle in the World Champions series meeting at Jerilderie Park. The former Wimbledon rider had been transferred from the local hospital in Newcastle to the North Shore Hospital in Sydney, the leading neuro-surgery facility in the area.

Moore sustained a fractured skull, fractured jaw and facial injuries when he picked up grip on the first corner and clipped the back wheel of John Louis’ machine. Russell Lang, manager of the World Champions’ Series troupe in Australia told Speedway star, ‘We assume he was knocked unconscious by his own handlebars. He seemed to be unconscious before he hit the ground because he landed flat on his face, without putting his arms out to protect himself.’

Ronnie Moore, who had undergone an operation to relieve pressure on his brain, had since spoken to his wife Jill and mother Clarice, who flew in from New Zealand immediately they were informed of the accident.

THE BRITISH LEAGUE GENERAL COUNCIL finally approved the return of Swedish riders to British League racing. Twelve familiar names were due to line up in British track colours for the 1975 season: Christer Lofqvist, Bengt Jansson, Tommy Petersson, Soren Karlsson, Tommy Nilsson, Richard Hellsen, Tommy Johansson, Olle Nygren, Tommy Jansson, Hasse Holmqvist, Bernt Persson and Soren Sjosten.

One notable Swede considered unlikely to return was Anders Michanek.

On the Speedway Star cover this week:

FRONT: Peterborough’s Roy Carter

BACK: England ice racer Joe Hughes

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