Week Ending February 8

THE REST OF THE WORLD side proved too strong for the USA when Houston’s Astrodome staged its second speedway meeting this week.The home team went down 44-64 to a touring side including Anders Michanek, Ivan Mauger, Ole Olsen, Peter Collins, Barry Briggs and Ray Wilson. With Steve Bast absent, the Americans were always on the back foot and their team included names which, aside from Mike Bast, would be unfamiliar to British fans: Scott Sivadge, Rick Woods, Sonny Nutter, Bill Cody and Jeff Sexton.

Michanek was the top scorer for the Rest of the World with 12 points. He was paired with Olsen and their convincing 5-1 in the opening heat set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

MOVES WERE AFOOT to save Scunthorpe Speedway, threatened with closure after four seasons at Quibell Park. Offers of financial help had been made to promoter Brian Osborn and one supporter aimed to raise £1,000 through a £1-a-head donation scheme.

The threatened closure followed two Scunthorpe Borough Council committee decisions turning down regular Sunday racing as well as financial assistance from the Corporation. Osborne, who reported losses on the 1973 and 1974 seasons, said after the two decisions that he could be forced to pull out. He told Speedway Star that, since then, he had received he had received a flood of telephone calls from people who did not want to see speedway disappear from the town.

On the Speedway Star cover this week:

FRONT: Three Aces, Ian Hindle, Paul Tyrer and Chris Morton

BACK: Exeter’s American star Scott Autrey

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