Week Ending January 11

PETER COLLINS, European Champion, British League Riders’ Champion, winner of the Wills Internationale and maximum scorer in the World Team Cup, was the readers’ choice once again for the Speedway Star Personality of the Year.

Collins won the title in 1973 and his incredible run of success throughout 1974 ensured that he repeated the success.

Peter, who was in Australia at the time of last year’s presentation at the London Speedway Honours Ball, was delighted when he heard that the fans had once again voted him as number one rider of the year.

‘It’s great news,’ he said. ‘This year, I want to come down to London to receive the trophy myself.

The top ten in the poll results were as follows:

1. Peter Collins

2. John Louis

3. Phil Crump

4. Terry Betts

5. Phil Herne

6. Ivan Mauger

7. Anders Michanek

8. Ole Olsen

9. Dave Jessup

10. Soren Sjosten

AFTER weeks of rumours and speculation, Dag Lovaas has officially applied to join Oxford Rebels for the 1975 season, write Bob Kilburn, and with the Christmas mail conjestion delaying delivery of Dag’s application for close on two weeks, promoter Danny Dunton has taken the wise precaution of forwarding a copy of the application to the Board.

‘We have known for some time that Dag was interested in joining Oxford,’ Danny told me, ‘but we could do nothing until he made an official application and we made no overtures to Dag about tracking with the Rebels next season but we are naturally pleased that he has applied to join the Rebels.’

On the Speedway Star cover this week:

FRONT: Bob Valentine on his way to winning the Winfield Internationale in Australia

BACK: Bobby McNeil of Eastbourne

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