On the Speedway Star cover this week:

FRONT: Dave Gifford, John Jackson and Border TV Sportsman of the Year, Mitch Graham

BACK: Billy Sanders and Howard Cole

Week Ending January 18

TOP STORY this week was that a representative of the British Speedway Promoters’ Association was due to fly to Sweden for what was hoped would be final negotiations over the return of Swedish riders to the British League.

He would take with him the 1975 Gulf British League fixture list which had been worked out after close scrutiny of the Swedish fixtures for the new season. It was hoped the discussions would lead to the number of trips between Sweden and Britain being further reduced because, although a deal had been worked out for cheap travel for the riders, the issue could not be resolved until the number of journeys had been finalized.  

AT SADDLEBOW ROAD, King’s Lynn Stars had just signed a 16 year-old who wouldn’t leave school until Easter. The youngster had been practising hard for two years in anticipation of the day when he would be old enough to engage in official competition and already, his times around the East Anglian circuit compared favourably with those of the accomplished professionals.

Accompanied by his father and King’s Lynn general manager Martin Rogers, Michael Lee was pictured signing on the dotted line. The Stars’ boss explained that Lee would probably be loaned out to a New National League team to gain additional experience.

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ONE SWEDE who definitely wanted to return to British League racing was Wimbledon’s Tommy Jansson. Speaking to Ivan Mauger, with whose World Champions Troupe he was touring, the young Eskilstuna star made it clear that if Swedes were allowed back into British racing, he wanted to return to the London club where he had already made such a major impact.