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Programmes which made their television debuts in 1975 were The Sweeney (Euston Films), The Good Life (BBC) Edward the Seventh (ATV) and Faulty Towers (BBC).

Other shows that proved popular were Space 1999, Arena, Jim’ll Fix It and Survivors, while the wedding of the year saw Hudson marry Mrs Bridges in the popular series Upstairs Downstairs.

 ITV was still very much a local channel. In London, Thames TV provided the service during the week, with London Weekend Television taking over from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Other regions were served by Border, Scottish, Grampian, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, ATV, Granada, Anglia, HTV, Channel, Southern and Westward.


In the West End, theatre-goers were enjoying a revival of Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder at the Vicarage’, at the Savoy Theatre in the Strand and a new Harold Pinter play, ‘No Man’s Land’ opened at the Old Vic.


Meanwhile, cinema audiences flocked to see the likes of Jaws, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tommy, Carry On Behind, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Rooster Cogburn and the Return of the Pink Panther.

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Throughout the Seventies children and teenagers were offered a wealth of annuals at Christmas time. All the popular comics produced their own hardback editions: Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Topper, Bunty, Mandy, Jackie, Eagle, Valiant, Victor, Hotspur, Lion and so on. Almost every TV programme brought out an annual: Follyfoot, The Tomorrow People, The Partridge Family, Dad’s Army, Top of the Pops, Blue Peter, Magpie, Grandstand, World of Sport, Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, Alias Smith and Jones, an almost endless list. Then so many pop groups and singing stars had their own dedicated annuals, too, like The Osmonds and David Cassidy, as did several sports stars.   



Top musical hits of the year included Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell), Ballroom Blitz (Sweet), When Will I See You Again (Three Degrees) and the theme tune from the Rockford Files.

The top British artistes included the Bay City Rollers, Queen, Rod Stewart, Leo Sayer, David Essex, Pilot, Mud, Showaddywaddy, 10cc and Ralph McTell.

Top of the Pops was broadcast every Thursday from the White City Television Centre, (not live), by a regular team of DJs including Tony Blackburn, Paul Burnett, David Hamilton, Emperor Rosco, Ed Stewart, Noel Edmonds, Jimmy Savile and Kenny Everett.


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