All the books published by Speedway Fiction are printed on good quality 80 gram per square metre bright white paper. The paperback covers are produced on stiff, glossy 210 gram per square metre stock.

The books are then comb-bound which means that we can produce them to order, keeping the price well below the £10.99 they would cost if bound in the usual paperback manner. Don’t worry, however, we always keep enough in stock to ensure that your order is not delayed.

The bonus is that the pages don’t fall out if you fold the book back too far! You can open our books out flat and read them without having to hold the pages apart.

In any case, we know the important thing is the story and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed there, either. We are the only publisher producing novels for speedway fans and, whether you remember the days of the British League with fondness or you weren’t even born, you’ll enjoy recapturing an age when British Speedway set the standard for the world.

Comb-binding means the cost to you is reduced

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