1929 at Plough lane SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home A Meeting Report from Wimbledon Speedway August 1929

1929 was the first year in which speedway in Britain could be described as ‘organized’.

Tracks were established all over the country, training schools were set up, team speedway arrived in the form of two leagues - the English Dirt Track League for northern clubs and the Southern League covering London, the Midlands and the South. League teams were forbidden from containing any of the so-called ‘star’ riders. These established aces fought out their season in individual competitions of one kind or another and meetings would frequently consist of a league match followed by match races and a trophy competition. Occasionally, there would be non-league team matches, as in the report below which covers an evening at Plough Lane in the summer of 1929. The description comes from the Speedway News of August 22 and gives a fascinating flavour of the kind of entertainment served up to Wimbledon fans in the days when all was new and they flocked through the turnstiles in their tens of thousands.

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