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Question 1 - The eyes have it

Full face helmets are much safer but you can’t always tell who’s behind them. In the days of monkey masks, you could often tell a rider by his eyes. Who is the rider shown below? He was a classy Swede and a favourite of Hackney Hawks fans

A Tommy Johansson

B Bengt Jansson

C Bernt Persson

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Question 2 - Long lost tracks

The bikes no longer thunder around this neat little circuit. It was just 265 yards long and the average race speed

was a little over 36 miles per hour. Which stadium is it?

A Nelson - home of the Admirals

B Newtongrange - home of the Saints

C Crayford - home of the Highwaymen

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Question 3 - classic programmes

Here are three well-known speedway programmes from the Seventies.

From which year do they all come?

A 1970

B 1971

C 1972

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Question 4 - Rider autographs

This young man racing with Romford Bombers but spent most of his British League career as a Falcon

down at Exeter. Decipher his autograph and say which of the following riders he is?

A Kim Malmberg

B Kevin Holden

C Kelvin Mullarkey

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Question 5 - Rider statistics

Examine this table of riders’ averages from the 1970s. It was the first time in that exciting decade that Ivan Mauger

had fallen out of the top three - and look at the minute differences between the best riders. In which year did this happen?

A 1974

B 1975

C 1976

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Question 6 - Speedway on vinyl

A number of speedway records were recorded during the Seventies, notably several singles by Egon Muller and

the song ‘Speedway’ by the Kursaal Flyers. Another release of the same name was recorded by a group of British

League riders shown in our picture. What did they call themselves?

A The Rivals

B The Sliders

C The All Stars

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Question 7 - Speedway at the Palace

Although impossible to imagine now, speedway riders were awarded honours during the halcyon days of the 70s. Ivan Mauger received the OBE and Peter Collins, the MBE. Our picture shows Barry Briggs, newly awarded with an MBE. In which year did Briggo receive his honour?

A 1971

B 1972

C 1973

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Question 8 - Sponsors with taste

One of these 1970s crisps manufacturers saw the value of being associated with Britain’s second

most popular spectator sport. Among the events they sponsored in that decade were the Coventry

‘Brandonapolis’ and the ‘Olympique’ at Wolverhampton. Which brand was it?

A Smiths

B Tudor

C Golden Wonder

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Question 9 - Speedway on children’s TV

In the Seventies, the sport’s popularity was such that the BBC made a children’s serial, King Cinder, set in the

world of speedway racing and starring former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan. It was based on the book by

John Foster. In which year was it transmitted?

A 1976

B 1977

C 1978

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Question 10 - Speedway in annuals and comics

Speedway stories have featured in a number of comics and boys’ books over the years, from Champion to Modern Boy, from

Whizzer & Chips to Lion, Eagle and Tiger. One of the favourite characters in Tiger comic was Tallon of the Track. Jo Tallon was,

as far as we know, the only female rider to have her own comic strip. But she only featured in the Tiger annual once. In which year?

(By the way, we’ve removed the date from the picture!)

A 1974

B 1975

C 1976

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Question 11 - Speedway on the radio

Before the Internet and the iPhone, it was common for speedway fans to listen to the evening’s results after the

11pm news on Radio Luxembourg. Our picture shows a group of Luxembourg DJs whose names were once well known.

Reception varied but was usually reasonable. The station broadcast on the Medium Wave and its wavelength was known

to every speedway fan. What was it?

A 108 metres

B 208 metres

C 308 metres

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Question 12 - Speedway at the movies

The 1949 film classic, ‘Once a Jolly Swagman’, starred Dirk Bogarde as an aspiring speedway rider and was based on

the book of the same name. In the USA, however, the film was given a different title. What was it?

A Maniacs on Wheels

B King of the Track

C Thirst for Speed

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Question 13 - Speedway in the national press

In December 1978, the sport was given a major feature in the colour supplement of a national Sunday

newspaper - something which, today, would be less likely than snow in July. Which newspaper was it?

A The Sunday Times

B The News of the World

C The Observer

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Question 14 - Rider autographs

Another Seventies autograph for you to decipher here. This young Swede rode briefly for Wembley Lions

in the very early part of the decade but made his name with another London club. Who is it?

A Tommy Johansson

B Tommy Jansson

C Tommy Nilsson

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Question 15 - Speedway in children’s magazines

Again, in the 1970s, it was far from uncommon for the sport to feature in children’s magazines and comics - not just as

stories or comic strips but as featured articles, too. Our picture shows a page from a 1971 magazine, featuring the Kent

Youth Motor Cycle Club, which was the nursery for such names as the Kennett brothers, Barry Thomas and Dave Jessup.

The magazine described itself as the ‘Junior TV Times’. What was its name?

A Look-In

B Look and Learn

C Knowledge

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Question 16 - Speedway on TV

The popular Thames Television programme This Is Your Life ran continuously through the

1970s although the show itself began many years earlier on the BBC. During that decade,

however, a speedway rider was the guest of honour when Barry Briggs was the name on

Eamonn Andrews’ red book. What was the year?

A 1974

B 1975

C 1976

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Question 17 - Speedway on book covers

Usually, a speedway rider on the cover means the book is about the sport or one of its greater exponents. Not so, in the case

of this example from a famous children’s series. What was the series? (We’ve removed the name and the logo from the picture).

A Observer’s Books

B Ladybird Books

C I-Spy Books

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Question 18 - Speedway on Saturday

Before the terrestrial channels lost the rights to almost every major competition, Saturday afternoons used

to be a riot of sport on TV. On BBC1, it was Grandstand while, over on your local ITV station you could

watch World of Sport until teatime. Speedway, of course, featured most often on ITV. Which of the famous

Saturday anchormen pictured opposite never presented World of Sport?

A Dickie Davies

B Fred Dinenage

C David Coleman

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Question 19 - Speedway magazines

Today, the Speedway Star ploughs its lonely furrow but, during the Seventies, there was a proliferation of speedway

magazines and newspapers - in addition, of course, to coverage in the national and local press. One of the more popular

was the Speedway Mail. It began publishing early in the decade but in which year did it first roll off the press?

A 1970

B 1971

C 1972

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Question 20 - Year of our lives

On a wet night at Wembley, Britain were the victors in speedway’s World Team Cup and secured permanent possession of the trophy

by making it three wins in a row. It was also the year of the colliery disasters at Markham and Lofthouse, the second Cod War with

Iceland raged, Britain entered the EEC, British Leyland launched the Austin Allegro and Princess Anne married Mark Phillips.

What was the year?

A 1972

B 1973

C 1974

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