ThisYear’sPrize The winner of our 2016 Christmas Quiz receives a copy of the hardback book SPEEDWAY: THE GREATEST MOMENTS

THE acclaimed and highly successful partnership of speedway’s top writer JOHN CHAPLIN and speedway’s top image banker, JOHN SOMERVILLE, have teamed up again.

SPEEDWAY: THE GREATEST MOMENTS is just that… the sport’s most memorable events and personalities vividly described in CHAPLIN’S brilliant words and SOMERVILLE’S incredibly rare and classic pictures.

All speedway life is here. The highs and the lows. CHAPLIN and SOMERVILLE have set out on a remarkable odyssey to reveal, as only they can, the entire speedway spectrum - from the simple idolatry of the humble fans to the high drama that has created speedway’s moments of greatest sporting endeavour.

From the story of how the modern phenomenal on-track understanding of 2012 World Champion Chris Holder and his team mate the most precocious Darcy Ward compares with that of the incredible Parkers - Jack and Norman - to how speedway riders cope with seeing a fatality before their very eyes.

Who really did invent speedway? How did a team of speedway riders preserve their modesty when their race suits failed to turn up? Which speedway star’s wife became the world’s most outrageous stripper? Which speedway rider had to have a chaperone? Who was speedway’s Thunder Stealer? And why did they call one speedway rider Termite?

It’s all in SPEEDWAY: THE GREATEST MOMENTS, the magnificent sequel to CHAPLIN and SOMERVILLE’s top-selling SPEEDWAY SUPERHEROES.

From the flyleaf: And it goes to this year’s winner with our compliments - so why not have a go?