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The chance discovery in an eBay sale of a speedway racing film from the early days of colour television provides journalist Stefan Lybeck with more than just a memory of his one and only TV commentary.

In one of the crowd scenes, two faces staring out at him immediately trigger a memory. When he finds out who they are, the discovery leads him to investigate more closely.

Why did young Swedish speedway rider Emil Marken leave his Södertälje flat one morning in 1969 and take a flight to London, never to be seen again? Why was his passport discovered in the ruins of the old Jawa motorcycle factory at Týnec nad Sázavou in the former Czechoslovakia?  And did his team manager, Thorben Beckstrand, know more than he ever admitted?

At a distance of almost 50 years, there are few people left alive for Lybeck to ask - until a throwaway remark brings him a stroke of luck. In the story of Emil Marken, it seems that speedway was only the means to an end…

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