► Do you remember being glued to the TV for Magpie, The Tomorrow People, Catweazle, Stingray?

►  Did you squeeze yourself into loons, flared jeans or tight T-shirts; wear Doc Martens, long hair or platforms?

►  Can you still conjure up the taste of Spangles, Opal Fruits, Marathon, Bazooka Joe or Black Jacks?

►  Were you an avid reader of Whizzer & Chips, TV-21, Look-In, Topper, Beezer or TV Comic?

Then some of the images on this page might bring a lump to your throat, a tear to your eye or just make you laugh all over again.

Indulge yourself in some pure nostalgia for a lost Britain that you can visit again in our books …

Chad Valley Toys


Action Man

Rolf Harris Stylophone

Space Hoppers


Raleigh Chopper bikes

Sindy Dolls

Hot Wheels

Dinky Toys

Board Games

Remember when Marathon came up ‘peanuts in every slice’?

When Spangles could be bought as Acid Drops, Old English, Mixed Fruit, Clear Mints and a whole lot more? The warming effect of Victory Vs?

Treets - they melt in your mouth, not in your hand?

Old Jamaica chocolate - laced with Jamaica Rum flavour?

Cresta drink - it’s frothy, man? Tell us your favourite flavour memory

Real toys that don’t involve computer games, smart phones or ‘android devices’!

Great sweets - made to make your mouth water … melt in your mouth, not in your hand!

Now sit back, switch over to ITV and watch some much-loved commercials from the Seventies

Some of these titles, like Chips and Valiant, occasionally had speedway stories in them - fact and fiction.

Others, such as TV-21 and TV Comic carried strips about popular television and cartoon characters.

Look-In was effectively a junior TV Times with children’s programme schedules as well as articles, interviews and pin-up pictures.

Did you have a favourite comic or character? We’d love to hear from you.

Comics - at least one of these might have been your weekly ‘must have’

Some of the best programming came from ITV. In addition to the home-grown programmes, no child of the Seventies would forget the myriad of imported cartoon characters such as Huckleberry Hound, Mr Jinks and Pixie & Dixie, Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Deputy Dawg, the Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Atom Ant, Secret Squirrel, Wacky Races, Woody Woodpecker, Hong Kong Phooey …

Go on, add some yourself!

Some of the best children’s TV programmes

Remember when ITV was made up of regional companies? When there was real local programming and the schedules were different in different areas. We all saw the programmes but at different times. These were some of the great names of British TV broadcasting that have now disappeared - even if the regions are still known by their names.

And the companies who made them - now absorbed into the ghastly ‘ITV’

Flavours of the Seventies

SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home

The standard British Telecom dial telephones were a common site in homes and offices up and down the land. Colours ranged from basic black through red, two-tone green, mustard, cream and more.  Later in the decade, the Trimphone appeared with its distinctive  ring that people with high-pitched voices could imitate.

Television sets ranged from pieces of furniture in different types of wood to trendy, colourful portables.

At the beginning of the decade, not everyone could receive colour services and most people had only black-and-white sets.

At the start of the decade, your pocket money (if you were lucky enough to get any!) would be given out in pre-decimal coinage. Pennies, ha’pennies, threepenny bits, tanners and bobs might have appeared in your pockets - though probably not for long. Average pocket money in 1975 was about 25 pence.

If you had enough of it, you might have spent some of your pocket money on the latest ‘single’ from your local record shop. You probably kept up with the charts on Top of the Pops every Thursday night. You could buy a single for 50 pence!

The shelves in your bedroom might have held a number of Observer’s Books. Popular titles in the 1970s included: Aircraft, Automobiles, Astronomy, Coins, Motor Sport, Unmanned Spaceflight, Horses & Ponies, British Birds and The Lake District.

We’re always happy to add more on this page. Let us know if you have a favourite memory to include here.

In a Seventies home

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Alan Thompsett writes:

Watched the DVD In Search of our Throwaway History which features packaging from the Robert Opie collection. Very briefly they showed a packet of crisps (or snacks) called CRASHERS with a cartoon speedway rider image on the front of the packet. I don't remember them, and can't find anything on the web. Does anyone remember these?

[If you can help, please let Alan know by using the link above]







OK - we sneaked in one commercial from the early 80s. Can you guess which one?