They may seem rather dated to a modern eye, but these stories were written at a time when everyone knew what speedway was, when tens of thousands turned out to watch it each week, when no subscription was necessary to see it on TV and when comics, books and annuals featured the sport as a regular thing. Go on, take yourself back and enjoy one! First, choose a category. You will then be able to select an individual story.

SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home Heroes of the Track Enjoy this selection of speedway stories from our library of books, comics and annuals of yesteryear To view most of the stories you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat which you can download free from the link below The Modern Boy  magazine was launched in the year that speedway Racing came to Britain, 1928. It relaunched in 1938 in a new format and began numbering again from No. 1, ceasing publication in 1939 Due to wartime paper shortages. The Modern Boy comic The Champion  was a weekly story paper but did offer the occasional comic strip, too. It ran From January 28, 1922 until March 19, 1955 and its wide-ranging diet of adventure stories included many tales of the speedways. The Champion comic Speedway Stories in the Modern Boy Comic Speedway Stories from the Champion Comic Speedway Stories from the Champion Annual Heroes of the Track Individual Books Speedway Stories in the Boys' Magazine Speedway Stories from Tiger Comics and Annuals Speedway Stories in other Annuals Cycle Speedway stories SpeedwayFiction