Going Back                                                                 £7.50

ISBN:  978-0-9574214-0-0

+ £3 Postage & Packing

BRITAIN has entered the last twelve months of Harold Wilson’s premiership, inflation is running at almost 25 per cent, the IRA has mounted another bombing campaign on the mainland and Manchester United are winning promotion back into Division One of the Football League. The year is 1975 and London is the capital of the speedway world.   read more

Born In Another Time                                                 £7.50

ISBN:  978-0-9574214-4-8

+ £3 Postage & Packing

In the heat of an Israeli summer, Joe Barnes comes face-to-face with Middle East politics. A chance friendship struck up with two Arab waiters at his hotel proves to be not so innocent. Rafi and Jamal show him the night life of Tel Aviv and come to watch him practise at Ramat Gan stadium but their interest in speedway is not their only motivation. When Joe discovers the truth, it proves a shocking introduction to hatreds that burn in this sun-baked land. In a race against time, he must try to save a prestige meeting and, if he can, to rescue his friends from their own self-destruction.  read more

Black Lightning                                                           £7.50

ISBN:  978-0-9574214-2-4

+ £3 Postage & Packing

AT the end of the 1976 season, Joe Barnes discovers a set of diaries written by Britain’s first black speedway rider. Sam Richards came to England in 1948 in the first wave of immigrants from the West Indies. But why hasn’t Joe heard of him? Caught up in the events of the 1958 Notting Hill Riots, Sam was convicted of murder and sent to prison where he was killed in a disturbance some years ago. Was it just a tragic end to a promising career? Getting to know Sam through his diaries, Joe is far from convinced that things were quite as they seemed.     read more

Escape to Plough Lane                                              £7.50

ISBN:  978-0-9574214-1-7

+ £3 Postage & Packing

ONE of the highlights of the early part of the 1976 season is the visit of a team from the USSR. These riders from the Communist bloc are rare visitors to Britain and For Nikita Baranov, one of the youngest riders in the Soviet side, it is a dream come true. He longs to ride against the best in the sport and to taste the freedoms of the West - but Nikita is planning more than just a flying visit. Cold War intrigue, the ruthlessness of the Soviet authorities and the collusion of the Foreign Office make for a breathless and danger-filled start to the season.    read more

Watershed                                                                   £7.50

ISBN:  978-0-9574214-5-5

+ £3 Postage & Packing

‘SILENCERS are going to be the biggest thing this season and you're going to have to get used to riding with one.'

When Joe Barnes's mechanic gives him this advice, Joe assumes he is talking about the BSPA's new, approved silencer, developed at Manchester University by Dr Geoffrey Roe. But Rick has another idea - one that the Noise and Silencer Committee will see as a challenge to its authority.    read more

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