Gorky Film Studios (USSR - 1979)

This was another production of the Soviet Union’s Gorky studio in Moscow which featured speedway racing. Unlike ‘Closure of the Season’, the speedway segment is relatively short and takes place early in the story.


Boris Shcherbakov

Evgenia Simonova

Nicholas Shepherds

Nikolay Denisov

Maksim Plotnikov

Dalvin Shcherbakov

Tatiana Idol

Love Polekhina

Vladimir Vikhrov

Hovhannes Vanyan

Puchinyan Stepan

Tatiana Vasilyeva

Radium Afanasiev

Victor Car'kov


Stepan Puchinyan


Pavel Finn and Valeri Tur


Andrei Gevorgyan


Sergei Filippov and Vyacheslav Yegorov


Arseni Klopotovsky


Gleb Kravetsky


Boris Shcherbakov (Sergei)

Born on December 11, 1949 in Leningrad, Shcherbakov Graduated from high school studio at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1972. After that, he became an Art Theatre actor. After the division of the theatre, he worked in the Moscow Art Theatre named after AP Chekhov until 2003. He has acted in films since 1963, his first role being that of Glebko Prokhorov in the movie ‘Mandate’. He was voted People's Artist of Russia in 1994.

Yevgeny Simonova (Anna)

She was born on June 1, 1955 in Leningrad and became People's Artist of Russia 40 years later. Somonova first studied choreography, graduating from the Gnesins music school. In 1972, she enrolled in the Shchukin drama school and graduated in 1976 to begin working in the troupe of the Moscow Academy Mayakovsky Theater. She made her movie debut in 1973, while still a student, taking the role of Masha Popova in the comedy drama ‘Only Old Men Go To War’.

Nikolai Denisov

It is an interesting footnote to know that Nikolai Denisov, (born 12.9.1953), who played Anna’s husband, went on to become a noted director, too. His directing credits include the comedy drama, ‘You’re at the Top, I’m at the Bottom’ and the crime thriller ‘Unwanted  Witness’.  

‘Wedding Day’ tells the story of Sergei, a young man who works at the local steel plant and whose family has been connected with steel-making for generations. Tall, blond, athletic, he is the archetypal local hero - until he meets Anna. Encountering her one night while on duty with the national squad, he falls in love and eventually takes Anna home to meet his family. The problem is that Anna is already married and her husband will not give her a divorce. Sergei’s parents do not approve of his choice and so, in a previously happy family, conflict begins…

Boris Shcherbakov


Evgenia Simonova


Stepan Puchinyan


Only Old Men Go To War

Film Poster

Wedding Day

Film Poster

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