Film Polski (Poland - 1971) 81 min

This black and white production is a sports comedy, written by the popular journalist and motocross rider Tomasz Domaniewski. A number of well-known sports personalities of the day appeared in the ballroom scene and the speedway segments were shot at the Olympic Stadium, Wroclaw, partly during the 1970 World Championship Final which was raced at the stadium.


Jacek Fedorowicz


Krystyna Sienkiewicz

Christie, a secretary in the motorsport club

Krystyna Borowicz


Iga Cembrzyńska

Special Envoy of the very rich company ‘Kiwasake’

Roman Klosowski

President of the Association

Arthur Młodnicki

Old Man

Kazimierz Wichniarz

Head of Sport  Automo

Jerzy Dobrowolski

Motor Club President

Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

Journalist ‘Voice of Sports’

Marek Perepeczko

Weightlifter Niuniek

Eve Szykulska

Autograph hunter

Bohdan Tomaszewski


Thomas Domaniewski


Joseph Prutkowski


Charles Szczecin


The Story

Jacek is a clerk at the Post office but his job bores him and he spends his free time indulging in his passion - angling. One day, he finds himself fishing on a river near to the circuit where a motocross event is being held. A bizarre series of circumstances leads to Jacek first of all mounting a motorbike - sidesaddle - then winning the competition.

He becomes an overnight success and wins the heart of the girl he admires - Grace, played by Krystyna Borowicz. Success at motocross is soon followed by similar laurels in the sports of speedway racing and saloon car rallying. With his fame comes wealth and prestige.

But the power and the riches change him. Jacek loses the shyness and modesty for which Grace had fallen and he loses her. One day, at the same small river on which he used to go fishing, he is stopped for speeding by a police patrol. Ordered out of his car by an officer, he crosses to the other side of the road… and the spell is broken. Like the golden coach in the story of Cinderella, his car is again just an old bike and in his hand is a fishing rod. Once again, over the fields, can be heard the sounds of motocross bikes.

Jacek Fedorowicz


Fedorowicz was one of the founders of the student theatre in Gdańsk named Bim-Bom (between 1954 and 1960). He also belonged to the acting company of the theatre. During his studies he began his collaboration with a radio station in Gdańsk as an author, actor and caricaturist.

In the second half of the 1960s he performed on Polish Television for which he was a co-author of several TV shows.

When martial law was introduced in Poland, he decided to break all contacts with the national mass media. He performed mainly in selected areas where he presented his many caricatures and pro-Solidarity drawings.

Krystyna Borowicz


Andrzej Konic



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Tomasz Domaniewski


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