INSPECTOR GAI is a comedy drama about the ongoing battle between a conscientious police traffic officer, played by Sergei Nikinenko, and a wealthy businessman, Nikita Mikhalkov.

Trunov, the businessman, regularly violates traffic laws but uses his position and power to avoid punishment from the zealous Inspector Zykin.

The film includes two scenes set at the local speedway stadium but the circuit, marked out in lanes, resembles more an athletics running track.

At least it is another example of the way speedway’s popularity in the 1970s and early 80s saw it feature in a number of the films produced by Soviet studios, in this case, Gorky Films, Moscow.

Inspector Gai

Is now released in DVD format

Speedway at the MOVIES 5 SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home SpeedwayFiction Inspektor GAI (Traffic Cop)  Gorky Film Studios, USSR, 1982, 79 min
The Cast… Sergei Nikinenko Inpector Zykin Raisa Ryazanova Nina Nikolai Parfyonov Viktor Ilyichyov Nikita Mikhalkov  Valentin Pavlovich Trunov Marina Levtova Oleg Yefremov  Major Grinko Yuri Kuzmenkov Watch an exerpt from the movie… Eldor Urazbaev Director Aleksandr Borodyanskiy Writer Movie Poster  The image chosen for the cover of the DVD is the Same as that used for the original movie poster