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Speedway Fiction reader Igor Kalashnik shares with us this documentary film about speedway at Novosibirsk, made during the 1970s Lap of Honour

This Soviet documentary film provides a fascinating snapshot of speedway racing behind the Iron Curtain during the decade in which Michael Hansen’s book Escape to Plough Lane is set. You may recognize Viacheslav Dubinin, Boris Samorodov and Vladimir Paznikov among many others. The scenes are shot at Novosibirsk but the racing, (apart from the ice races, of course), the reactions of the crowd and the scenes in the pits could have been spotted at any British track of the period. The sound track and the captions are in Russian but there is much to enjoy in this evocative production.

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Speedway Fiction is very grateful to Igor Kalashnikov for supplying us with the film Lap of Honour.

Our picture shows Igor at his speedway museum in Moldova, enjoying the company of former Soviet rider Boris Samorodov and five-times World Champion Ove Fundin.

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