‘The motorcycle broadsides wildly, throwing up a cloud of dust from the spinning back wheel. The crouching rider - dressed in colourful leathers, ‘bone-dome’ crash helmet, face-mask and goggles, and looking like a jousting knight of the olden days - wins the applause of the crowd for his exciting control and style.’

So began the article in the July 24 edition of Look-In magazine, the TV Times aimed at junior viewers. And such a story was not unusual in young people’s magazines and comics, for the year is 1971 and speedway racing is a hugely popular spectator sport which features regularly in the national press as well as on TV - independent television in particular, through the Saturday afternoon programme World Of Sport.


On this occasion, the article features Kent Youth Motorcycle Club, whose members include the young mascots of both Canterbury Crusaders and Eastbourne Eagles. Some of the most exciting names in the sport at that time began their careers with the club, including Barry Thomas, Dave Jessup and Dave and Gordon Kennett.

In 1971, youngsters across Britain were far more familiar with the sport than most teenagers are today and it was no surprise to see article and pictures in comics, magazines and the huge range of annuals that were bought and avidly read every Christmas.

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Anglia Television provided the independent TV service for the East of England as well as producing network programmes such as the much-loved Survival series and highly popular Sale of the Century


(Junior TV Times)

July 24, 1971

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A selection of the comic strips and features that entertained readers of Look-In during 1971. Of course there was also much more in the way of articles, photographs, letters and competitions  

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