Is speedway really being fair to Auntie?

IN modern times, the BBC has often been criticized for its failure to address the sport of speedway in any meaningful way. Even in the halcyon days of the 1970s, it was ITV which stole the speedway thunder. Perhaps, given the parless state of the sport today, it doesn’t merit much attention from the national broadcaster but it wasn’t always so.

To put the record straight - and to give Auntie her due - Speedway Fiction has used the BBC Genome project to put together a comprehensive record of the Corporation’s speedway coverage from the beginning of steam radio to the widescreen, high definition, satellite television age. Maybe Auntie will never come back to speedway but she deserves at least some recognition for what she gave us in the past.

The record includes both television and radio programmes that featured speedway in some form and covers the period from 1928 to 2009. Because of the size of the table, we have made it available in PDF format. Please click on the link below.

SpeedwayFiction Speedway like it used to be! Home Speedway on the CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS OF THE FULL LIST OF BBC PROGRAMMES WITH SPEEDWAY CONTENT FROM 1928 TO 2009 Speedway on the BBC.pdf