Series 3 Episode 6 ‘Speedway’

‘Lethal Force’ was a Russian detective series showing the work of homicide detectives in the St. Petersburg police. The first series, produced in the late 90s, featured stories covering a whole range of subject matter from simple petty theft to more serious criminal cases directly related to organized crime.

Episode six of the third series featured a story set around the activities at a speedway track.

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Konstantin Knightley - Lieutenant (from the 2nd season - captain), Igor Plakhov (season 1-6)

Andrew Fedortsov - Lieutenant Vasily Rogov (season 1-6)

Eugene Ganelin - Major George Lyubimov (season 2-6)

Alexander Tyutryumov - Lieutenant Colonel Sergei A. Egorov (season 2-6)

Sergei Koshonin - Major Maxim Virigin (season 2-6)

Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev - Major (from season 4 - Lieutenant Colonel) Anatoly Pavlovich Shishkin (season 1-5)

Victor Kostecki - San Sanych, Major General (seasons 1-6)

Semen Strugachev - Captain Simon Chernyga, forensic expert (seasons 2-6) Gregory Sagittarius (season 2-6)

Galtsev Yuri - Yuri, forensic expert (season 1-2)

Channel One

The production company for ‘Lethal Force’ is Russia’s principal TV station ‘First Channel’ or Channel One.

The station remains the wealthiest of Russia’s TV channels and wields the largest budget by far. It also has produced many high-profile films, including four of the highest-grossing Russian movies since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Night Watch (2004), The Turkish Gambit (2005), Day Watch (2006), and The Irony of Fate 2 (2007). It airs the Russian versions of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Survivor, and Star Factory, as well as many homegrown productions.

Lethal Force  was based on the works of Andrei Kivinova. It was released by Channel One as a direct competitor to another police series, ‘Streets of Broken Lamps’. It ran for six seasons from 1999 to 2005, 59 episodes in total.


This episode from series six entitled ‘Speedway’ is about Russian mafia involvement with speedway racing, the buying and selling of matches and the big money involved.


Written by: Andrew Kivinov , Oleg Dudincev

Directors of photography: Yuri Shaygardanov , Alexander Korneev , Andrew Zhigalov

Composer: Vladislav Panchenko , Igor Matvienko

Production Designer: Vladimir Bannykh

Stunt coordinators: Oleg Korytin , Sergey Golovkin


Andrew Kivinov was born in Leningrad, and grew up in the Krasnoselsky District. His father was a driver and his mother was a shop assistant – both are now retired. At high school he developed an interest in rock music. Initially, he wanted to train as a teacher of Russian language and literature, but failed to attain the necessary grades. Instead, in 1979, he enrolled at the Leningrad Shipbuilding College. Three years later, he graduated and was offered a job at a Scientific Research Institute, working on shipbuilding technology projects. In parallel to this, he spent his evenings studying at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute. In 1986, after gaining a degree in Shipbuilding Engineering, he decided to change career path, and joined the police.

Andrei Kivinov


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