In the early 1950s, Stenner Publications produced a series of 78rpm records under the title Speedway Stars. They featured short, scripted interviews with top riders of the day.

In this example, they talk to Norman Parker, brother of Jack and Wimbledon captain who rode for the Dons between 1946 and 1953.

Norman began racing with Coventry in 1929. Two decades later, he finished 4th in the World Championship and his career ended in 1953.

Levy’s Sound Studios

Levy's Sound Studios was founded by Morris and Jacques Levy, two of the early pioneers in the UK recording industry. From running a successful record store & electrical emporium during the mid 1930s in Whitechapel, London, they set up their first recording studio at Rosslyn House, 94-98 Regent Street, where they stayed until 1937. In 1931 ‘Levaphone’ records was established and they began importing and distributing US and Continental recordings, a number of which they licensed to Levaphone. After the War, the company then moved the retail store to 315 Oxford Street and the studio to 73 New Bond Street into a converted upstairs art gallery that backed onto Derring Street, re-forming Levy's Sound Studios and creating their own Oriole & Allegro Records labels as part of Oriole Records Limited.

Stenner Publications was the brainchild of Tom Stenner, a speedway journalist who thought that the noise, speed, danger and spectacle of broadsiding were essential aspects of speedway’s appeal. He wrote of the glare of the big arc lights, the hectic shoulder to shoulder dive to the bends, men and machines locked together in a seeming mass of limbs and wheels, the broadsiding at angles that would have sent Euclid crazy, and the last terrific dash to the winning post - these grip mind and body too.  A crash sends the heart to the mouth, to be followed by an extraordinary sense of relief as the rider stumbles to his feet unhurt.  And when the race is over comes a sense of relaxation that is unforgettable - and probably unmatched in any other sporting experience.

Along with brother Jim, Tom Stenner was responsible for a prolific output of books and periodicals, not least the hardback book, ‘Thrilling The Million - the Lure of The Speedway’.

Stenner Publications


Norman Parker in Wimbledon colours

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