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Tallon of the Track - an episode from 1975

This story comes from Tiger & Scorcher comic, August 16, 1975. Jo Tallon is the female trainer of the Flying Ospreys speedway team where a new signing is causing trouble …

Tallon of the Track August 16 1975 (3).pdf

Tallon of the Track

This is a comic-strip story from the Tiger Annual, 1976

Tallon of the Track (3).pdf

The Phantom Speedster of the Stormers

by Harry Clements

From the Tiger Annual 1957

The Phantom Speedster of the Stormers (3).pdf We have many more episodes of Tallon of the Track to add here in the future Heroes of the Track 2

Skid Solo

When racing driver Skid Solo went to pick up an award given by motor racing sports writers, he was taken aback to see film of his early career - as a speedway rider…

Tiger & Jag Dec 11 1974 Skid Solo B.pdf