CHILDREN’s author Edwin Dale was a frequent contributor to the Champion stable of annuals and comics.

Many of his stories featured speedway racing as their subject and his titles included:

Broadside Boyd

Bronco Dawson the Cowboy Speed King

The Ice-Rink Speedsters

From Bush to Speedway

Cyclone Zip the Aussie Speedster

Dare-Devils of the Dirt Track

The Flying Speedster

Lone-Hand Lawrence the Aussie Speedster

Mad to be a Speed Star

The Rebel Speed Star

Riders for the Phantom Speedster

Speedsters of the Dirt Track

The Speedway Circus Star

Speedway Menace

The Speedway Rough Riders

Stars of the Speedway

Stunters of the Speedway

Champion Annual 1932

THE St Luke’s School Cap meant more than a gold trophy to Tony Digby.

And it was on the speedway that Tony fought for the honour of wearing it…

Tony tore open the envelope. As he read its contents his expression changed…

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Tiger burst in on the tense little scene. “Sorry if I’m butting in on a pow-wow,” he cried cheerily, “but I’ve entered your name for Heat 8…”

It was a great race and he was thrilling to every moment of it. Then… he caught sight of a grim figure standing on the terracing in front of the stands…

The Schoolboy Speedster The Schoolboy Speedster by Edwin Dale.pdf

Out of the bend they came in a whirl of flying dust and cinders! Down the finishing straight with Tony creeping nearer and nearer. There was scarcely an inch between them as they roared towards the post…

About the author

EDWIN DALE was one of the pseudonyms used by the prolific children’s writer Edward Reginald Home-Gall who also used the name Judith Dale when writing stories for girls.

Home-Gall served with distinction in the First World War and was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. He wrote for the Champion and Triumph comics, at one point producing three stories a week of between 5,000 and 7,000 words each. In addition, he authored a large number of full-length novels.

Many stories concerned subjects other than speedway racing but, according to comics and magazine historian Steve Holland, Home-Gall claimed to have written the first speedway story ever to be published in Britain. On his website, Mr Holland adds, ‘One reader in Australia, bored with his job as a car attendant on the railways, wrote to (Gall) asking how he could become a speedway rider - and followed Home-Gall’s advice,’

It must have been good advice because the young reader was none other than Bluey Wilkinson!

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