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1949 marked the twenty-first anniversary of speedway racing in Britain. One of the publications to mark the occasion was the twenty-page booklet, The Story of Speedway.

Its publisher is given only as WDS of 20, Sheet Street, Windsor and the leading article is credited to the equally mysterious ‘R.B.’ Despite their reluctance to be identified, they do present a history of the sport’s formative years up to its coming of age and, being written more than half a century closer to the events than anything that could be penned today, it probably carries a higher value. Written by people who were there at the time and without the inevitable colouring of folklore and perpetuated myth, it offers a fascinating record.

We publish it here in its entirety, in PDF format.

Click below to read the full article in PDF format

Dirt track racing at Greenford, 1928

Getting ready for a handicap race at Harringay Speedway.

Note there are five riders in the heat and no starting tapes. ‘Pushers’ are preparing to set the riders off.  

The Story of Speedway.pdf

Speedway at Stamford Bridge in the inaugural year, 1928